Additional experience

Voluntary social engagement for the benefit of third parties - It connotes citizens working together to make a change or difference in the community. Civic engagement can take many forms—from individual volunteerism to organizational involvement to electoral participation.

For me, it is important to pass on and transfer my skills and to support fellow human beings.


HartslagNu, The Netherlands | 2017 – today | Civilian Assistant
Should the heart suddenly stop beating, a patient has the greatest chance of survival if reanimation is started immediately. Usually the emergency services are unable to arrive within few minutes. On average it takes 8 to 10 minutes for them to arrive at the scene. By then the chance of survival of the patient will have fallen to below 15%. For this reason it is important that by-standers start with reanimation as quickly as possible.

More information: Hartstichting Nederland & HartslagNu


GYS Foundation/Syr Foundation, Utrecht, The Netherlands | 2015 – today | Core-team member 'construction & technical aspects'
Restaurant Syr is an initiative of the Gys Foundation, co-founded by the team behind the two well-known organic restaurants in Utrecht. The Foundation is a platform for sustainable and social entrepreneurship, it's a NPO.  At Syr, you will experience fantastic Syrian hospitality, delicious tastes and smells. Everything at this restaurant is prepared and served in collaboration with people who arrived in the Netherlands as refugees not that long ago. Syr is a social enterprise aiming to increase refugee participation in the Netherlands by offering them education and career opportunities.


Meet the Germans, Utrecht, The Netherlands | 2013 – today | Founder
Meet the Germans is an open network organization to connect interested and international people. Their events and activities are to help locals, expats and international students and explore their new environment. Meet the Germans wants to connect people.


Utrecht Cares, Utrecht, The Netherlands | 2013 – 2015 | Volunteer
Utrecht Cares is part of The Netherlands Cares Foundation. I gave lessons in chemistry, physics, and mathematics for pupils under the age of 18.


TijdVoorElkaar, Utrecht, The Netherlands | 2005 – 2012 | Volunteer
TijdVoorElkaar was a voluntary organization founded by the municipality of Utrecht. I supported the elderly at home.

BV Tolsteeg
, Utrecht, The Netherlands | 2006 – 2007 | Member of the board

BV Tolsteeg
, Utrecht, The Netherlands | 2000 – 2010 | Construction and building counsellor

APHASIE Gruppe in Duisburg e.V.
, Duisburg, Germany | 1997 – 1998 | Volunteer as IT Consultant

Student Association Chemistry
, Gerhard-Mercator-University, Germany | 1996 – 1999 | Board Member