Dutch-German Projects

As anyone who has done business in both The Netherlands and Germany understands, client expectations in these two neighbouring countries can be vastly different. Companies seeking to implement cross-border projects may find themselves unable to successfully make inroads with clients expecting a different approach; professionalism in one country may not be considered the same in the other.

At klimeck consulting, we are at home in the Netherlands and Germany and have a deep understanding of cross-border cultural norms, which is why we specialize in project management and strategic planning for these two countries.

What’s more, we recognize the challenges that multilingual projects face. As international experts, we are fluent in English, Dutch and German. We are skilled in different strategies and styles of working and can quickly find the best way with your project in a new environment.

On top of our deep expertise and specialization in Dutch-German projects, klimeck consulting  has a global reach, and has worked extensively on projects across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. We’re more than prepared to offer you our expert advice and representation worldwide.