Internet, Infrastructure & Hosting

The information technology experts at klimeck consulting have a passion for exploring the opportunities that the internet provides. We’ve been surfing the web since the days of HP-UX Lynx and Mosaic Netscape 0.9 and have been building websites since HTML was first developed. We now host over 500 domains and have built and implemented over 75 websites.

We recognize that in the modern business world, a secure, reliable network is fundamental to a company’s ability to succeed. Whether you need to implement a rock-solid VoIP system to power your growing sales team, build a brand new network for a new office location, or simply wish to protect yourself and your business by implementing a backup system or performing a security risk analysis, klimeck consulting is there to help you.

As more and more business moves online, companies must have a strong infrastructure that meets even the strictest regulatory requirements in order to keep their clients and data safe. Our deep and extensive knowledge of modern networking best practices will assist you in implementing even the most challenging projects efficiently and securely.