Multi-Language Project Management

Technology has given us the tools to break down many (but not all) linguistic barriers involved in cross-border project-management. From providing the ability to see our colleagues across the globe in real-time and build better relationships, to allowing us to easily translate written and spoken word into another language, technology has enabled the rapid growth of the global economy.

However, when managing a complex project, it is critical that each stakeholder thoroughly understand the project goals and requirements in the context of the project and the specific industry; technology has yet to provide us with such contextually specific interpretations. Likewise, professional interpreters may not have an in-depth understanding of the project, and may not be able to recognize and handle any miscommunications before they occur.

Because of this, companies who wish to successfully manage multilingual projects must ensure that they are working with a project manager who understands and can avoid not only the most common linguistic differences in communication, but also understands the specifics of the project and industry. Otherwise, multilingual projects may find themselves mired in confusion and delays.

We at klimeck consulting are experts in international project management. We offer our services in English, Dutch and German. We recognize that each project is unique, and are able to deploy different strategies and styles of working in order to quickly find the best way to move your project forward in a new environment or a new language. We are extremely well-versed in how to manage multilingual projects across borders and even within them.

Whether you need a new website, want to move your SEO forward or accelerate a cross-border technical project, you have come to the right place. Our experts can assist you in keeping your key stakeholders aligned on even the most industry-specific aspects of your project.

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