Project Management

Managing a successful project is a fascinatingly complex task that requires the application of experience and expertise. Project managers must balance scope, time, cost and quality; they must have an exceptional ability to correctly identify all project requirements and risks before beginning work.

Balancing the various aspects of a project can be difficult. Good project managers must assess and identify the implications of every decision made. For example, while an unexpected change in project scope will affect the project cost in almost all cases, an expert project manager will be able to identify and minimize the risk to project quality or employee engagement.

A successful project must not only achieve the desired goal flawlessly, it must also exceed the needs and expectations of the stakeholders. Meeting this standard is increasingly difficult; globalization and technological advancement have significantly complicated the landscape of project management. The expert project managers at klimeck consulting know how to adapt the requirements and specifications of a project to the unique operational needs of an organization by reviewing, modifying, and supplementing the project data as needed to produce tailored solutions that work for your business.

The klimeck consulting approach is one of Total Project Management (TPM). We understand the importance of aligning each project with your overall strategy, and engaging and communicating with stakeholders from the start. We’re prepared to handle everything from the initial phase of setting goals and gathering requirements, to the monitoring and testing throughout your project and the post-mortem afterwards.

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Our project management expertise ranges from everything from business development to scientific research. While focused on The Netherlands and Germany, klimeck consulting has a global reach. We specialize in the following: