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SEM with SEO & SEA

One of the most impactful and yet least understood marketing strategies in today’s modern internet economy is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also called Digital Marketing or Online Marketing. Even the best websites need a strong SEM strategy to make sure their content gets in front of the right people. Helping our clients make the most of their online presence is one of our specialties; at klimeck consulting, we’re prepared to help you navigate the complex and rapidly-evolving landscape of SEM.

When the '90s Google hit the market, we were already there and advised companies to get a good position on search results. But in 20 years of search engine history a lot has changed. We have seen many changes in the search engine market and we understand how search engines work.

Implementing an online marketing strategy is not without risk; a poorly-planned SEM approach can hurt your company’s overall productivity by generating the wrong kind of leads, or driving the wrong kind of traffic to your website, making it hard for you to make strategic product and marketing decisions that will grow conversions and sales. klimeck consulting can help you minimize this risk by offering you our deep expertise in marketing strategies that work for you.

Whether you’re looking to improve how quickly your clients find you by optimizing your site for search engines (SEO), or want to drive conversions and improve the quality of your online leads by investing in Search Engine Advertising (SEA), klimeck consulting can assist you in building your online marketing strategy. We have the knowledge and experience in cross-border and multilingual SEM projects - particularly in Dutch and German markets but also worldwide.

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