SMART and CLEAR goals

The klimeck consulting approach to setting goals involves applying proven best practices to develop innovative solutions.

We will work with your organization to set goals that are SMART:

We remain Specific by defining clearly communicated and unambiguous goals, setting Measurable criteria to measure the success of the goal, assessing the resources available to ensure that your goals are both Attainable and Realistic, as well as Time-bound to ensure timely completion.

We set goals that are CLEAR:

We encourage Collaborative goal-setting with appropriate Limits in place to ensure manageability and timely completion of your project, set the right Emotional elements in place to tap the passion of all involved in the project, make the project Appreciable by breaking larger goals into smaller tasks to ensure measurable progress, and set goals that are Refinable to remain flexible should your business needs change.

Contact us to see how we can help your company develop the right goals and define the best strategies to achieve them.