We take care of your project

The klimeck consultingapproach to project management has five primary phases. Our approach is designed in keeping with industry best practices, but incorporates lessons learned throughout our extensive experience.

Here’s what you can expect.


We’ll sit down with you to design your project at a broad level. We’ll research the project feasibility, handle feasibility testing as needed, and involve all relevant stakeholders to do their due diligence to help give the project a green light.

We’ll create a project charter (PC) and project initiation document (PID) outlining the purpose and requirements of the project including the business needs, stakeholders and the business case.


We’ll develop a roadmap for everyone to follow, define the scope of the project, and build a cohesive project management plan. When defining scope, we’ll work with you to set SMART and CLEAR goals.

Our planning stage involves identifying cost, quality, available and needed resources and defining an optimistic but realistic timeframe for completion. We’ll also establish baselines for key performance indicators to keep your project on track and to monitor the impact of any changes.


We’ll begin the execution phase with a “kick-off” meeting where the teams involved are informed of their responsibilities. During this phase we will:

a) Develop Teams
b) Assign Resources
c) Execute Project Management Plans
d) Handle Procurement Management as needed
e) Direct and Manage Project Execution
f) Set up Tracking Systems
g) Ensure that assigned tasks are executed
h) Arrange Status Meetings
i) Update Project Schedule
j) Implement testing and monitoring solutions
k) Adjust project schedule as needed


We believe that an agile approach to project management is empowered by data, and so we’ll be monitoring progress throughout the execution phase of your project and immediately afterwards using the key performance indicators we’ve previously agreed on.


We’ll prepare a final project and budget report, and ensure that that you’re prepared with the necessary documentation and deliverables to ensure a smooth project hand-off. We’ll also conduct a “post-mortem” with your team as needed, to identify any key lessons from the project.

Once everything is complete, we’ll even help facilitate meetings and team events geared towards employee recognition, and ensure that your employees and peers know that their hard work is appreciated.