With 25 years of experience in information and communication technology, klimeck consulting offers the planning, design, and implementation of new infrastructures, technologies, and systems - always on the cutting edge of technology. We serve as an interface between ICT companies, customers, and other organizations and are experts in cross-border and multilingual project management.

The ongoing integration of computing and telecommunications is fundamental to the continued fast-paced growth of companies staying competitive in today’s market. By implementing a secure VoIP network, companies can save money and improve the stability of their network, even at scale.

klimeck consulting has extensive experience implementing infrastucture for clients whose services range from event management to supporting military and humanitarian operations in remote environments. We are able to assist in building a secure and reliable network for clients working with even the most sensitive data. Our safety analysis, protection plan, and emergency planning will defend your ICT environment.

No matter how large your organization is, a stable communications network is key to your success and company efficiency. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping our clients ensure that their network is working 24/7 - so that they don’t have to.